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The rights and obligations associated with a family unit are some of the most sacred, both in society and people's personal lives. All our clients are treated with attentiveness, compassion, and personalized service from start to finish. We work to help you through the legal side of this process, be it divorce, child custody, legal separation, or child support.

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Client Testimonials
Great Attorney! Diane was upfront about what she could do for my Family Custody, and my pending Divorce. She helped me keep my sanity and be a good man and a good father. Being compliant with what the judge requested, is always great advice when you’re in this situation as a man and a Dad. I got to keep and increase my Visitation Rights with my kids. I let the house go and got to keep my business intact. Diane was honest about my probabilities of success in court for a trial, based on my specific situation. She potentially saved me over $20,000 in Court Fees if I would have lost. And I did not have to pay the other party’s attorney fees, which was a blessing. She helped me set up mediation and it was a success. A shady attorney may have taken me to trial to “win” and keep a lot more money as the trial drags on. I have heard from other men in my situation, that can happen as the testimony questions on the stand can take around 2 whole days in Court… that’s a lot of money. Diane went to bat for me and she will do the same for you. Thank You!
~ Kyle
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