Spokane Family Law Office

The rights and obligations associated with a family unit are some of the most sacred, both in society and people's personal lives. All our clients are treated with attentiveness, compassion, and personalized service from start to finish. We work to help you through the legal side of this process, be it divorce, child custody, legal separation, or child support.

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Client Testimonials
Diane Broderson and all of the staff at Farnsworth Broderson PLLC have helped my family and myself tremendously, they took the time and kept me calm Through the whole process and explained and fought for my rights as a Father, Diane spent many hours with me and went above and beyond and I’m ashamed to say I took allot of time away from her family and vacation time but she always answered that phone or email and really showed that if we lead with INTEGRITY and we do what is right always for our children then the right thing will happen and it did! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. [My] family has so much gratitude for you all!
~ Michael
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