Client Testimonials

Diane and her staff kept me well informed and aware of the status on my case. Diane kept me calm and counseled me at times I needed it and helped me work through issues as they arose. Thank You!!
Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness Diane is awesome, been working with her for over 3yrs now. She is very easy to work with, very responsive, and very emphatic. As my case is very different from most of her other cases.
Diane was amazing to work with! She doesn't beat around the bush and gives it to you straight. If you're looking for someone who will stand up for you and your needs, she's the person for you. Very professional and prompt. I appreciate everything she did for me in my case.
I’m a 46yo father whose marriage was dissolved, my ex and I shared 50/50 until she decided to fall of the face of the planet. For two years I watched my kids mental health deteriorate, while I myself fell into a deep depression. I hired Diane and her team and within ONE week my burdens felt lighter! Even after a lack of communication on my part (death in the family), Diane was ready to work for me! As of this writing things look very good for me thanks to Diane, Kaily, Whitney and the entire team at Farnsworth Broderson! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
It's been almost 4 years since this firm helped me get custody of my son, Ben...Ann and the staff worked tirelessly on my case...[My son] is full of life and wakes up excited about what the day will bring. I have had countless people come up to me and tell me what a great kid he is! Ann, Diane and the staff saved one child from destruction. I am forever grateful to Farnsworth Broderson, PLLC and highly recommend them for your Family Law needs.
Diane Broderson and all of the staff at Farnsworth Broderson PLLC have helped my family and myself tremendously, they took the time and kept me calm Through the whole process and explained and fought for my rights as a Father, Diane spent many hours with me and went above and beyond and I’m ashamed to say I took allot of time away from her family and vacation time but she always answered that phone or email and really showed that if we lead with INTEGRITY and we do what is right always for our children then the right thing will happen and it did! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. [My] family has so much gratitude for you all!
I called to get some information and potentially hire an attorney at Farnsworth Broderson and spoke with Diane for almost 10 minutes. She explained to me what I needed to do for my particular situation before hiring them. Basically she gave me an immediate free over the phone consultation that has tremendously helped me save time and given me the confidence to make my next move. Definitely a firm to seriously consider for professional representation.